Whats going on locally, within the company and Belindas head. The question we get asked on a regular basis. So these pages are for anyone that wants to know the answers.

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This is great news… The RSS Feed for Herbaceous is now working!


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New Fridge and Freezer

Herbaceous is pleased to announce that we have new additions to our store. For ages we’ve been asked for cold store items and so we’ve taken the plunge and installed a large double cold chiller fridge and also a freezer.
In order to show off our new chiller cabinets we have started to stock various types of natural ice creams, fresh local juices and specialist dairy free products. Pop in and see what we have and don’t forget that should you not find what you’re looking for we are always pleased to see if we can get you a specific product in. This also goes for any other natural product that you may require, just ask and if we can source it we’ll try and get it!

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Ramblings Number 1

Wow. Whitstable sure has kicked the tourist season off with a bang, and owing to awesome weather Whitstable is packed. Now…


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Post Nudes

Following a stellar success of the POST NUDE exhibition in 2011, where nearly 700 stunning postcards depicting the nude were exhibited, we bring you POST NUDE 2013, a chance to take part in the Horsebridge Centre’s most famous show!

Posted bare and beautiful, this exhibition previously attracted massive support and appreciation for Royal Mail’s services, for the art of the postcard and for the pure wonder of the naked form.


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