Belinda has trained for a long time so as to offer a Medical Herbalist string to her bow. Perhaps you have a complaint that Western Medicine doesn’t help, or you’re looking for a natural solution to a pesky problem


Consultations are held in a room adjacent to the shop Herbaceous, in Whitstable, Kent. You will be asked for some general information about yourself followed by the herbalist taking notes on your medical history and current complaints.The herbalist will begin to build up a picture of the person as a whole being and will work together with them with the use of lifestyle, nutrition and an individual herbal prescription.

One would expect to return to monitor progress after about two weeks

Pricing Structure

The first visit usually lasts about an hour, during which Belinda will gather information about your health and ill-health. Subsequent visits last half an hour and their occurrence may vary from 2 - 6 weeks.

An initial consultation costs £49 (children £30). Subsequent appointments are then £30 (Children £18). The cost of treatment depends on that prescribed, but works out at approximately £8 - £10 per week. Treatment will also include dietary advice to suit your individual needs.

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