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A greeting you’ll always get when coming into Herbaceous at Whitstable. A local shop staffed by knowledgeable local people, eager to ensure others from Whitstable are supplied with the very best in natural wholefood products, medical herbalism and fairtraded gifts whenever possible.



Oil by the Gallon

Now in stock at Herbaceous

Now in stock at Herbaceous - Olive Oil by the draught.
Whether you want half a litre or a full litre you can purchase it now directly by the quantity. Belinda has two types of draught Olive Oil and these are going to be regular fixtures at the shop. Don’t forget you can bring your own receptacle to fill up by the quantity or purchase a sprung loaded glass half litre or full litre bottle. These are cheaper at the outside if you purchase them with oil….

So don’t delay. Hurry along and get your awesome olive oil direct.